Texas Poultry

Sarah Hayes

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Vaccination for Marek's Disease  25 cents per chick, only chickens are vaccinated. After you click on add to cart, please indicate the number of chicks you have ordered and type into quantity and then hit update.

Add Merek's Vaccination to end of your completed chick order. 25 cents per chick. After hitting add to cart button type in number of chicks. CHICKS ONLY, NO DUCKS, GEESE, TURKEYS, OR GUINEAS


Meat Breeds

Most breeds listed below will start shipping Feb/March time frame

**Fast White Cornish Broilers (100 only)
**Slow White Cornish Broilers
**Red Broilers

* Please include an early morning phone number where you can be contacted.

Minimum totals for safety and costs of shipping are:  chicken-25 chicks; bantams - 30 chicks; turkeys- 20 poults; ducks - 15 ducklings; geese-8 goslings; guineas- 25 keets.

After selecting breed wanted, hit "Add to Cart" button, please type in number of chicks wanted when you reach shopping cart and then hit update cart.  

Sex 100 50-99 25-49 24 - 5 *
St Run Meat Breeds
100 S/R 
Meat Breeds
Meat Breeds
50-99 S/R 
Meat Breeds
Meat Breeds
25-49 S/R   
Meat Breeds
Meat Breeds
24-5 S/R
Meat Breeds
*We never ship under 5 of a breed or sex.

** Indicates this breed is available in Straight Run ONLY!! NO SEXING

We guarantee 90% accuracy on our sexed chicks.


**Disclaimer: We want to make sure your birds arrive to you healthy and under safe transport conditions. **Assortments will be our  choice of breeds available after specific breed orders have been filled. Every attempt will be made to provide the best assortment possible.