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GroGel Plus B Supplement for 2018           

100ct Package of GroGel Plus 2000ct Package of GroGel Plus

Grogel Plus B (Probiodic Bacteria) is used to re-hydrate chicks or birds after shipping or when just hatched. You can also use this in shipping boxes when you ship to your customers. This allows them to have nutrients during shipping. Early access to nutrients gets chicks the quick start they need in those vital first hours of life. It comes in a dry powder form and after adding water, creates a gel like substance of bright green. This attracts the chick directly to eat and they will begin eating the substance right away. It stays in gel like form and does not leave a wet residue and that is why it is so easy to mix it up and ship it directly with the chicks.

100ct packet will be enough for 100 chicks, poults or keets, 200 pheasant, or 400 quail chicks. The 2000ct packet is good for 2000 chicks, poults or keets, 3000-4000 pheasant chicks or 7000-8000 quail. You should use the within 6 hours of mixing. Instructions will be included with the products. Please see below for pricing. Priority shipping available upon request at an extra charge.

Item Description Price and Ordering
100ct Packet Grogel Plus B $3.95 + $.92 shipping         Total 4.87 If you would like more than one packet, click "add to cart" button and then change the quantity when the shopping cart window comes up. Hit update cart for it to take affect.  Shipping is added
2000ct Packet Grogel Plus B $42.95 + $13.00 shipping Total $55.95